Edellis Alexander

I would like to start off by saying that I'm very grateful and thankful for your attention to this ad. My reason for getting on this site was to gain some type of pen pal friendship with someone who's very understanding and not judgmental but most of all who's down to earth. I seek honest communication with whoever wishes to write.

I have come to learn that a warm hello goes a long way. I love to communicate about life altogether.

My name is Edellis, however everybody calls me (Mego). I'm currently locked up for robbery, I made some mistakes in the past but I don't allow these mistakes to define who I am as a person but most important as a man.
I'm loyal, humble, very handsome and love to confabulate about all subjects! I pride myself on being me, I feel if I can't be myself then there's no point of being anybody else.

I hope that my words reach your heart but most of all your thoughts. I look forward to this journey of friendship and pray that you grant me the time to show you my value but most of all my worth.

Truly yours,
Mr. Edellis Alexander

Please put your address inside the letter when writing me.
Edellis Alexander  # 759357
Baraga Correctional Facility
13924 Wadaga Road 
Baraga, MI 49908-9204 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Robbery Carjacking Firearm Etc.
Release Date
Ad Start: 10-16-18
Ad Expiration:10-16-20