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Nathaniel Watkins
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My name Nathaniel Jamal Watkins most of my friends call me Nate or Prince, that’s a nickname my mother gave me since I was born cause of how spoiled I always was, up to you though, call me either or my b-day is September 15, 1990.  I am 30 about to be 31 soon.  Yes I am in fact a Virgo! I am from Chi-Town (Chicago, Illinois) but I am here at (Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville, Oklahoma).  I’m serving a Life Sentence that I truly and whole heartedly believe that I will always be innocent of. I’m trying to get back in court now I will be free soon Lord willing.

I am 5 foot 8, light skinned, I have brown/hazel eyes they sometimes change colors, I am mixed I’m black, Filipino, Puerto Rican, my father is black and is in the military still today and has been for 30 years, my mother whom is Filipino/Rican is a doctor, my parents are divorced, I have 2 sisters, one is older than me, she is 33, my little sister 26, and my little brother 17.  We all have same mother but different fathers, but my father has been my siblings father figure, I’m his only child I have been in prison since 2015 and this is my first time in prison.  I have a lot of tattoos, you want to know just ask me I’m open I’m very outgoing.  I’m also trustworthy, honest, loyal very blunt and I make everyone laugh I’m always caring and kind to those that I love and if I got it I give my last to whomever.   I am looking for someone to be friends with talk to confide in and if our friendship and bond leads to a good healthy relationship then I’m down for that as well.  I’m getting older not younger and would still love to meet new and mature people.  I’m open to a lot and whatever life throws at me I’m very honest and open so please don’t be shy if I missed some key things, I apologize this pen pal thing is new for me.  Don’t get me wrong I love talking, conversation rules the nation, I believe over time we will bond and connect.   I’m a regular human being like you, I maybe in prison but I’m no animal

I’m looking for a funny honest down to earth trustworthy friend/woman who’s non-judgmental, if you decide to hit me up send some friendly pictures and address if you want I will be taking pictures soon and will post when I do.  I’m open to hear from whomever, please feel free to write me until them -1 LUV-
Nate J. Watkins

African American,
Phillipino, Puerto Rican
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