Jerry Keene
I am a 45-year-old male, born and raised in Northeast Florida.

I love to read from a wide genre: fiction, historical fiction, biographies, and autobiographies, classic literature and histories. Some of my favorite authors are: Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Bernard Cornwell, Helen Grueber, Alexander Dumas, Gore Vidal and Neil Gaimon.

I also enjoy writing and am currently writing my life story with a pastor friend from my hometown. My hope is to see it help others avoid being where I am in life; sort of a testimony/autobiography.

I love to run and work out and practice a daily routine of prayer, meditation and yoga.

My music interest range from classic rock (AC/DC, Ozzy, Eagles, Boston, 38 Special) to metal (Metallica,pantera, Hollywood Undead, Theory of a Dead Man, Velvet Revolver). Also enjoy Celetic, Bag Pipe and Chakra music.

I'm witty and enjoy making others laugh. I hate drama and gossip and try to avoid those who thrive on it. One good friend is worth 10 halfhearted ones-quality over quantity. I'm always open to Sage advice and ready to make changes for the better.

My hope is to meet a sincere, goodhearted, and open-minded penpal. Someone to share my thoughts and feelings with; build a friendship with. Someone to share life with. Would love to find a brother/sister/friend in someone.

Jerry Keene # 753884
Columbia Correctional Institution
3216 SE Corrections Way 
Lake City, FL 32025 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Release Date
09/09/99 Natural Life
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