Kamauri Young
To describe myself I would have to say I have that I have a strong personality, I am loyal, outspoken, intelligent, & I am as real as they come. I am 27 a Virgo, 6'3" and about 235lbs solid, I also have 20 something tattoos and still getting more.

I am simply interested in meeting some new females for conversation and to potentially establish a good friendship. I am an open book to whomever would like to get to know me & I have nothing to hide. I have made a few mistakes in the past and somethings had to be done but it is not until you get to know a person and understand their predicaments then you will understand their decisions.

All that I ask is that if you are attempting to come with any negativity that you please take it upon yourself to not come in this direction with it I would really appreciate it.
Other than that, I look forward to meeting some beautiful women company.

If you choose to contact me it may be more convenient for you to write and send pictures through JPAY seeing how there are new restrictions on the incoming mail that is not the same on JPAY. You must include your name and address within you letter for me to receive it.

Well, I hope you like my pictures and I will talk with you soon.
Kamauri Young # 753006
G Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
3500 N Elm Avenue
Jackson MI 49201 USA
African Descent
Resisting Arrest,GBH Less Than
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-22-17
Ad Expiration:11-22-18