Arteum Brodeur
Hello stranger, my nickname is Russia or Art. I was born and raised in Russia and got adopted in 2005 to move to America.  My adoption never worked out, so I was left going from juvenile facilities and homeless shelters until I was 17, then I became independent from the state. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and it will take me a lifetime to make things right, I just want a chance to be given to me.  I’m in prison because someone tried to rob me and I protected myself.  Ohio has a no self-defense law, but I know everything always happens for a reason.  My pain has broken and shattered me as a man.  Now I am working on picking myself up and becoming a better person.  I am on here to find someone I can trust entirely on or someone I can build new everlasting relationship/friendship with.  I am very outgoing and passionate in what I do.  I am also trying to build a positive support system around me, so whin I do stumble, I got people to help me up.  At the moment I don’t have anyone in my life, so I’m hoping I will find someone to connect with and maybe we both can make an impact on each other.  Don’t be shy, we never know what the outcome will be, unless we take a leap of faith.  I hope to hear from you soon.  The fastest way for me to respond is through jpay.  My pictures are lil bit blurry and out of date, but I will have recent one’s for you once you contact me on jpay.  Thank you for your time.
Arteum Brodeur # A751626
Mansfield Correctional Institution
P O Box 788
Mansfield, OH   44901   USA
Voluntary Manslaughter
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-14-21
Ad Expiration:  01-14-21