Allen Howard
I’m 5’10, 171 lbs Hazel/Green eyes.

What to write, I,m not sure, it's just been so long for me, about 21 years now purgatory, and despite my 41 year sentence there’s a very good possibility that I will be released within the next 3 years- give or take a year- a second post conviction relief petition pending, and I'm working on a commutation of substantially reducing my sentence of cruel and unusual punishment by the end of this year.  The fruitless legal struggles to regain my freedom of liberty to pursue happiness seems to never end.

I'm an American citizen who doesn't want or need any hand-outs, just searching for a compatible female friend who will stand by her man.  I'm old-fashioned and dearly love both my mother and sister.  I've never been married, and have no children-hopefully someday I can.

I'm highly energetic, for the most part, very intelligent with a lot of all around common sense and street smarts, mechanically inclined, not accidental prone, very athletical, artistic, inventive, and healthy.

I grew up in metal and automotive scrap yards and the construction industry.  At 18 completed the Timberlake Job Corp, carpentry, firefighting, and defensive/offensive driving.

Backwoods of the North Pacific and Eastern Oregon as a child and teen, I can comprehensively read a hillside newspaper, and put meat and veggies/grains on the table.

At 7 I ran my own small landscaping business, at 19 owned my own carpentry remodeling business-problem being, was me allowing alcohol and drugs to cloud my thinking.  Never again!..

Now I slave in the Department of Correction laundry as a Blanket Blaster, OCE Industrials, making about $140.00 a month if I don't work any overtime.
I know-to, think, ironic-right?..

To adventure and discover more of each other, please send me a couple photos of you with a letter telling me about you and what you want and need from life to be very happy.

Allen Howard # 7488960
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem   OR   97310   USA

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