Jess Richie Smith

Having viewed my pictures upon this ad, please let me provide you with some of the substance, spirit, grind, and personality that I'm made of.

My name is Jess and nickname RichieRoyalRich, for my rich and kingly aura and nature. For 19 years I've been fighting for freedom and learned how to be a lawyer and now must learn how to be a judge because that's who has to agree all of my rights were violated. That may take a while longer but life is a learning journey. Will you join me on a stimulating, intelligent, rich and rewarding journey? You will benefit priceless treasures and personal pleasures, every step of the way if you accept my invitation to join this journey and destination.

I'm a hopeful romantic and poet, a great thug and friend, constructive critic and attentive listener. I'm from the streets of Seattle, Washington and a certified gangster Rapper around the world from prison… Maybe I can put music in your ear from the prison tier… I write other music too, like country and metal, R&B, etc. Hopefully you can inspire music from my heart I can write about in the near future. It said that the best music is written from the heart. Please provide my heart a new beat to flow to and I will dedicate my next song to you.

I'm life's organic vibrating energy and want to vibe with you through the mail, computer, phone and just maybe in through the cracks of these walls and time together on the world stage we can star upon. Ask any questions and they will be answered honestly. I am an honest crook and open book. I'm locked up for a self defense shooting of an armed robber and since I was a felon, it's called murder and manslaughter. I can be released shortly on newly discovered evidence that can prove more of my self-defense claim, however it still takes the judge to agree. Pray to God and Goddess, that I win my appeals in the very near future.

I once only believed in Jesus and God but a goddess during some spiritual divine intervention, gave me love and life to see that the lady, was cut out of history through the inquisitions and that we must resurrect goddess to balance the Mother/Father Earth energies in the world, that happen to be way out of balance. I'm spiritual now and down to earth at the same time.

Thank you very much for discovering my existence and just maybe we can coexist on a more personal form and frequently if you tune in to me.

With love,
Jess RRR Smith DOC Write to address provided.

Jess Richie Smith # 739951
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Connell, WA 99326 USA
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Manslaughter Murder
Ad Start: 04/25/19
Ad Expiration:04/25/20