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My name is Mark  (aka) Flex. I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am in a federal correctional institution in Lisbon, Ohio. I am incarcerated for being the leader of a drug conspiracy case which might help you to understand my circumstances but not me.

I am 5'8" and 195 lbs. I worked and competed in the fitness industry prior to my arrest. Fitness and bodybuilding is still a big part of my life. I continue to strengthen my mind, body and soul. Don't let the bodybuilding fool you. I am prior military, and have a bachelor's degree. My faith is also very important to me. I always worked and believed in structure. However, I took the risk and opportunities that now I regret. I have one son, and have never been married. Upon my release I will work in the electrical/HVAC field. Running my own company hopefully. Using my past work in fitness to reach out to youth in my free time. Instructing them about health, fitness, and not just building their bodies, also building their future.

That is a little about me and my plans. Now I want to know about you. What are your thoughts so far? Your passions? I am not looking for money, or games. I want to get to know someone genuine and real. What is my type? Is it you? I am looking for a motivated girl. Someone who hasn't given up in life. Someone who can actually care about another person and their well being. Intelligence is a unique beauty that comes from the inside and radiates to the outside. If you can stimulate my mind it's a big turn on. Is family and faith important to you?

Certain paths sometimes cross in life for different reasons. Maybe I can be fortunate and cross paths with you and see where it goes. I

Can email. Write and say hey. Stay strong…

Mark Eubanks # 73382-061
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Lisbon, OH 44432 USA
Drug Conspiracy
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