Jermaine Kelly
Jermaine Kelly # 733530
1150 North Main Street
Mansfield   OH   44901   USA
My name is Jeremaine. I am 38 years old, 5’11, 130 pounds, physically fit! Super tatted up with long wicks, I'm honest & up front, 100% real, & nothing less… I'm looking for someone that is special with high standards that carries themselves in the correct manner! That is loyal with a good heart that I could build with & see eye to eye, with no problem that's willing to pave for what's next to come, that's looking forward to building a solid foundation. Someone I can talk to about anything!  A rider, someone that's one of a kind that is interested in someone like me that's very funny that can keep a smile on your face at all times & give you good energy & a positive vibe with a good conversation that can brighten your day & give you what you've been missing & what you deserve!  Because what is a Queen without a King!

So let's connect & and explore each other because with moral & values we can go a long way & turn the chapter & change each other's life with a spark…

Do you know what you & need?  Because I do, I just haven't found it yet & you might be the one that can give it to me, I'm well worth it, I'm him. You've found someone who you can love forever-you love so much, their loving ways, their caring what touch, will stand by you when times are tough, never saying that they've had enough…You find someone who can raise your smile & decrease your frown, will help you up when you feeling down, will make life worries melt away, providing the sunshine of your day…You found someone who will always listen, try to understand, will guide you with a patient hand, will love you both in body & soul, making your happiness their main goal…You've found someone who will be both & kind, no  better soul-mate could you find, always willing to talk things out, never needing to rage or shout…You've found someone who is willing with you to share their life, to make you a team of man & wife, but most of all-you've found a friend, there by your side-till your lives end…I'm looking forward into meeting you & I hope you feeling the same..

Ad Start: 11-23-2023
Ad Expiration:  11-23-2024
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