Eric Chavis
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F C I Petersburg Medium
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Petersburg   VA   23804   USA
“Never reach a conclusion, stay on an everlasting journey” were the wise words from a 70 year old cellmate that had been in prison since I was born.  “Never judge a book by its cover” is cliché, but true. We are all stories and my story is tragic.  However, I am a glass half full thinker and I know there will be a happy ending after the pain.

I am hoping to network and meet new friends.  I’m a rap artist named Ay Streatz also known as Thot King.  I love music, fashion, intellectual conversation, fitness, nature and traveling to experience new cultures.  I attended Alabama A&M University majoring in Business and Marketing.  This cramped, paint peeling, and water dripping ceiling every time it rains cell is now my classroom.  I study black history, the dictionary, psychology, philosophy, work on my case, and my second novel.  The adversity I’ve endured in the struggle to prove my innocence has made me stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.  I know I don’t belong here, but sometimes I think to myself, “Would you have found yourself, and become conscience without this experience?”   That I do not know, although I wish it was a different circumstance.

I am an optimist and free spirit that lives and breathes positivity.  So feel free to be 100 percent  you with me as I will be 100 percent me with you.
That is me.   Now who are you?

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