Giovanni Vega
Giovanni Vega # 73053
Osceola Correctional Department
402 Simpson Road
Kissimmee   FL   34744   USA

Truth is, many inmates claim to be innocent.  Some may have been in the wrong place, wrong time.  Others, influenced by friends.  Whatever the case may be, I speak for myself.  By way of this ad, I'm inviting anyone to review the facts surrounding this wrongful conviction.  After a thorough investigation, you will then ask me the same question I often receive, “what are you still doing incarcerated?”  In 1999, I was charged with murder.  Convicted in 2001, the prosecutor did not disclose that from 1996-2002 their expert doctor was under investigation for mishandling evidence and botching autopsies.  In 2004, this same doctor was disciplined and barred from ever performing autopsies in Florida. Surprisingly, in 2010 the former deputy chief doctor who was also present during the original autopsy, revealed that it is riddled with mistakes, not scientifically sound and an innocent man sits innocently behind bars.  A judge denied my motion.  In 2013 a professor doctor reviewed the original autopsy and concluded the cause of death came from septic shock, bacterial meningitis. Before the hearing, which would have set me free, the professor passed away and I was denied justice, yet again.  In 2020, the District Court of Appeals ruled manifest injustice stating all the denials against me were wrong and a hearing is warranted. On May 6, 2021 the court finally heard the testimony of the former deputy chief medical examiner.  What I did not know was the CT SCAN upon admissions to the hospital reported no injuries on the alleged victim. I now sit awaiting to be set free, a new trial or denial.  I am seeking any help from attorneys, paralegals or anyone with connections.

I wrote two books, one of which explains the case Author Name:  G.K. VEGA

Ad Start: 12-09-21
Ad Expiration:  12-09-22
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