Trashon Autman
Hey Ladies,

My name is Trashon Autman from Toledo Ohio. I am 22 years old black, white and puerto rican. Currently serving a 15 year prison sentence for guns and drugs. My max is 2031 early 2024. I hope even with the time I can find a good friend or even love.

I am a father of one daughter & look forward to more children. I have my GED & intend to further my education. I am a very ambitious man & even with my incarceration I drive to do better & become the best me. I understand & appreciated the value of life. With relationships ending I now know how much loyalty, honesty, respect & trust mean in a successful relationship & the key is communication. I will always be an open ear & give advice voice my opinion to help you to be the best you.
I enjoy listening to music, art, poetry, movies, reading books, long conversations & sports. When this is over I want to travel& explore all the beautiful places the world offers. I am a believer in God & continue to work on my faith.

With being incarcerated I'm looking for a woman who understands & accepts the type of situation I'm in & can provide the time & companionship ( phone calls, letters, visit ) that helps with time. But also be open & get to know one another for when the time is over.

I'm looking for a mature female who has made those life mistakes & has grown from them now knows who she is , what she wants, deserves &  desires,  her true purpose. I'm looking for an ambitious female who chases her dreams & always wants to do better. A woman who wants to laugh & enjoy life.

This is just a small part there is a lot more to know. I hope to find a great woman get to know & share it with. One who can look past my past & build a future for beyond the wall write me
Trashon Autman # 729844
P O Box 45699  
Lucasville, OH 45699 USA
Women, Friends
White, Black, Puerto Rican
Guns & Drugs
Release Date
Max 2031 Early 2024
Ad Start: 06-06-19
Ad Expiration:06-06-20