Jonathan Santana

I'm not your average subscriber. I'm 5'9", 235 lbs. clean-cut and solid. I like pop, R&B, and Rap to name a few. I have a life beyond these walls that I now live behind. That life includes the love of my life. Who is my six-year-old daughter. I'm intelligent, adventurous, attentive, and comical.

I'm very mindful of my incarceration of drugs. Which I'm serving a 14 year sentence for. I'm on the downward part of this sentence. Which I will be released 2026. I have become a practitioner of spirituality to yield to my self-worth, to instill the same morals to my daughter.

Too much about me now here is what I'm looking for. I want a woman who knows herself. Family oriented, classy,honorable, faithful, open-minded, along with great dialogue. I'm a man looking to find long-lasting love, but I must find friendship first to move closer to that long-lasting love. The street life was where it was at, but after aging here inside I can have come to see the ups and downs mainly the downs. I have come to believe in family and living a better life that my daughter can live from and. I have taken the lead on taking my life back by the following I have written 3 books to be published soon. Working on a new clothing line. Being I'm not one to waste any of my time. Now all I need is that very special lady in my corner so that I can use my time on her. I hope that's you."Wink".

Jonathan Santana # 72592-067
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White Deer, PA 17887 USA
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