Patrick Williams # 72300-004
F C I Coleman Medium
P O Box 1032
Coleman   FL   33521   USA
Patrick Williams
Incarcerated since 2003
Hometown - Miami, FL
Religion - Hebrew Israelite
Height - 6'
Weight - 195 lbs
Sexual Orientation - Streaight
Will write overseas - Yes
Seeks - Friendship

My name is Patrick Williams and I'm a 45 year old fit black man.  I'm a poet / songwriter / self-publishing book author.  I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  I'm 6' tall and 195 lbs in weight.  I am perfectly structured from excessive exercising.

Greetings Ladies,
With all the games and fakeness going on these days, I'm sure it's salf to say "You heard it all before."  I just hope it doesn't take a con-artist to get your attention.  Being real is all I know.  I'm not good with slick words, but my words are 100% genuine, so I hope that you will qualify me as a good candidate for your converse.  I'm looking for real friendship with good energy and good intent, nothing lasts when built on foundation of fakeness.  My character is laid back, confident but humble, caring and can be funny from time to time.  I like to make people smile.  I'm hoping to meet a woman that is open minded as well as real, non-judgemental, a woman that has faith and knows that everyone and everything is a work in progress.  I believe these days that good friendship are hard to find, but once you've found it,  it could be special.  So I hope to hear from you soon.  I also have access to email, so feel free to send me your email address and phone number to me in a shout out.


Legal Help
African American
Possession of Cocaine
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start: 07-13-2023
Ad Expiration: 07-13-2024