Dave Roe
Hi,  If you are reading this you are in luck, and many will envy you. You are about to meet a handsome, blue eyed, muscle-bound and fun-loving dude.  I was born & raised in Seattle, WA  My kind of town with all the activities that I enjoy.

I've been in Prison for 14 years and only have a few years left.  Prison sucks, but it has not changed or broken me.   I've kept my mind active with school and reading. I'm currently working to complete my Associates of Applied Science in Health and Human Services.  I hope to use this degree to work with at-risk youth. My favorite book is "If Tomorrow Comes" by Sydney Sheldon.

I consider myself to be athletic.  During the winter it is hard to keep me off the mountain and out of the powder.  I enjoy all types of art, especially tattoo art.  I have many , but not on my face, hands or head.

i'm also a sports fan especially football.  Politics, I consider myself open minded and Progressive.  I live my life according to my truth and stay on the side of right.  I am spiritual but not religious.

I am an honest person.  I have an abundance of integrity.  I am the same person in the dark as I am in the light.  I like to be a social person who loves to laugh with my friends.   I am also independent.  You don't have to hold my hand to go through life, but you can hold my hand as we walk though life together.

I'm looking for these same characteristics in my partner.  I hope to hear from you soon.  As we become life friends or lovers of the century, it doesn't matter.  Relationships and friends are what I consider to be a positive  support system and is all we have to survive in this world and the next. Just know that this is going to be the greatest and most unique experience of your life.   

Dave Roe

P.S.  If you wish o contact me electronically , you can go to Jpay.com  type in my name and Doc# 722561.  An easier way to communicate
Dave Roe # 722561
P O Box 769
Connell, WA 99326 USA

Robbery Burglary Possession
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