Ronald Morgan
Ronald Morgan # 722394  
P O Box 5500    
Chillicothe, OH 45601 USA
My name is Ron. I'm from Cincinnati.

I wanted to give you a brief introduction so you can know of me personally. I know a lot of people get a bad rap that's in prison. For me I've taken this adversity and used it for an opportunity for betterment. Life is busy and hectic and moving around blindly causes you to stumble but thanked God that he loved me enough to not let me perish in my sins, so with his grace I pay attention now on doing things a wise man should be doing, strengthening my body and soul. Most importantly renewing my mind now I am able to hear God's voice and receive his guidance.

I'm in welding school, humility is key because if I use emotion over intellect I'm not going to accomplish anything. I also  have a gift of writing poetry. I do impersonation. I plan on  a properous future getting into real estate.

During this time I've lost the most important woman of my life my mom. I'm 27 with an old soul. I don't have any kids. So if you want to create and build hit me up. Jpay Ronald Morgan 722394.
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