Ted Kayata Jr
Ted Kayata Jr # 719402
Madison MACI
P O Box 740
London   OH   43140   USA
Greetings!  My name is Ted Kayata Jr. #719-402.  I’m a Cancer, born in June as the stars align.  At 40 years old I’m still a barbarian and tougher then most.  I’m serving time at MACI, P O Box 740, London, Ohio 43140.

With 7 years down and 6 to go, I’m hoping to meet some new friends.  With any luck build something like relationships.

I’m a 6’2”, brown hair’d, blue eyes country boy from a small town were country is a way of life, not a song on the radio or a fancy hat.  Friday nights  at the bar... I was raised in a home were God was first and church or school wasn’t an option.  With both parents working hard to raise and give kids everything a family needs.  We leared and saw the value of money, love, family and a day’s work.  As the middle child, I couldn’t have asked for better parents.

I couldn’t tell you being raised so right how I was so easy for me to break laws?  I wish I could play the blame game like most, but it’s all my fault.  The only thing I’m sure of is the price I’ve paid as years of my life slip away.  The world still turns for the one’s that needed me most.  I can only hope the love I gave then was enough to heal with time.

Till 2027, when the earth will begin to share and the fences and razor wire starts to fade, I’m looking for something more.

I’m an artist with a passion for music and poetry.  I’m loyal, honest and a good listener to any one I call a friend.

If you want to be part of what I still have to give, hit me back on ODRC J-Pay or snail mail.

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