39, gay black male who is drug and disease free, seeking male pen-pals to help me pass the time. I have been referred after serving my sentence in the Department of Corrections for Civil Commitment in the department of Human Services on the precipice of I might offend in the future “so, we’re going to lock you up.” Type of mentality of this state. It’s an extension of prison time which should be illegal but is legal in Minnesota. I’ve been in this situation since 2007 to the present. There is no current out date as it’s indeterminate (essentially life). However, there is a rigorous process to petition for a less restrictive alternative for adults. As I know it’s confusing I will have to explain more at a later time via letter reply.

I enjoy traveling, driving, hiking, biking, skiing, trailing, and playing sports. I like writing to people all over the world along with learning new cultures. I like listening to all kinds of music genres. However, my favorites are international music, classical, jazz and movie soundtrack scores. I speak multiple languages however, over the years they have started to fade due to lack of usage.

I’m easy to talk to along with easy going, not afraid to speak what's on my mind. Very down to earth.

I’m hoping to find a connection.


Allen Pyron # 71916
1111 Highway 73
Moose Lake   MN   55767   USA
Allen Pyron
African American
CSC 3rd Degree Statutory Underage
Release Date
Undetermined, Civilly Committed
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Ad Expiration:  06-23-2023
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