Mark Perry

"How about it?"

My name is Mark Allen Perry. I'm 38 yrs. old and am from Claremont, NH.  Currently I'm serving a "3-6" year state prison sentence in Concord, NH and just recently I was relocated to the Northern correctional facility (NCF) in Berlin, NH. In November 2016 I was charged with one count of burglary and 2 counts of receiving stolen property. If all goes as planned I will be paroled in November 2019!

When I saw the ad for "Prison Pen Pals" I really didn't give it much thought at first. But after thinking about it I think it just may be exactly what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is to get to know someone, not just to pass the time by writing letters, nor am I looking for financial support in any way. I'm anxious and interested in finding that one person that's meant for me! If you're still reading this maybe I got your attention just a little? Good keep reading! :)

To be honest it's hard to find the right words especially when I'm going into this blind and putting myself out there not knowing  if I'll even get a response? Either way when I walked into prison to start my  sentence, my old life was a thing of the past once the door to society shut behind me. That chapter in my life is "Closed". In November 2019 the same doors I just walked through will open again and I'll be given a clean slate with a fresh start and a clear mind.

My hopes are to find someone that's honest, trustworthy, confident and respectful. I respect all women and want to find that special someone that I can take my time with and truly get to know. I believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a soulmate out there sooner or later with the right effort you're gonna find that one special person. Every man has certain characteristics he loves and looks for. I'm a sucker for beautiful hands and a gorgeous smile. Who doesn't like a beautiful woman? But in my eyes a woman has to be equally beautiful inside as well. I want the whole package. Right now I would love to get some responses to my ad, getting some letters would be great. I could definitely use a smile on my face.

I definitely have a story to tell and I've got nothing to hide. I am an honest person and I expect the same in return. So if you're reading this and you like what I have to say, drop a letter and send me some pictures. Like I said, I'm putting myself out there not knowing what to expect back. I wanna believe that I made the right choice by choosing to do this. Only time will tell though. I hope that special someone reads this and says "what the H*ll'" who knows what can happen right? I'll be waiting patiently…
Mark Perry # 71548
Concord State Prison
P O Box 14
Concord,NH 03302 USA
Burglary Receiving Stolen Property
Ad Start: 09/28/17
Ad Expiration:09/28/18