Herchel Huff
Herchel Huff # 71503
Reception & Treatment Center
P O Box 22800
Lincoln   NE   68542   USA

or GettingOut.com - RTC#2
So nice to meet you, my name is Herchel. Hope this finds you doing good. Seeking pen-pals in this universe or the next, LOL! And look forward to sharing a lot of good laughs, stories and more. Would like to hear from all countries and walks of life.

So please tell me about you and what you like.

Here is a little about me. This is over a decade in here and less than that to go. My day here is spent mainly as a primary dog handler. I train service dogs for Brace Mobility, seizure response, diabetic alert, therapy dogs and a lot more. This is the only thing I can do to help someone out there. It's my life. When not doing this, I really enjoy writing music, playing guitar, working out, reading or just relaxing and talking with family and friends.

Things I'm looking forward to: being surrounded by family, friends old and new, rides on the Harley or a horse, concerts, rodeos, campfires, BBQ’s, road trips or just enjoying a sunset, stars in the sky and a sunrise over the mountains. Just making the most of my time.

The person sent here is the past, a reminder of who I don't want to be, losing family, friends, letting down people that counted on me. I've stayed sober and have a stack of certificates, but real chance came from hitting my bottom and wanting to be a man my family and friends would respect. someone you can count on.

Hope to hear from you.

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