Christopher Logsdon
Hey World. what's happenin?

I'm Chris  Logsdon, 36, 6'1", 220 lbs., 1/2 white 1/2 Black, at the moment I'm at HCF with a life sentence. My case is crazy, complex and confusing.

I need free world conversation with someone, anyone, everyone. I'm lookin for friends to conversate with by mail, email or phone.

I'm nonjudgmental, I accept people for who they are, just do the same for me. I'm likable or so I've been told, easy to talk to, will talk to you about any subject, I'm outgoing, understanding, loyal, fun. I like to watch comedy, laugh and make people laugh, laughter heals, good for the soul.

I'm hoping to meet nonjudgmental, outgoing and interesting people. I love my family. I'm a barber, I like to cut hair. You meet a lot of different people and have a lot of different conversations in barbershops. Being a barber is pretty fun.

My favorite place to eat is McDonald's, weird right?
Favorite movie is "Forest Gump".
Favorite Bible verse is corinthians 4:8-9.
Favorite color is blue.
A Dallas cowboy fan, I have six tattoos, my favorite sayin is "All Yeah", the last thang I do before I fall asleep his pray, the first thing I do when I wake up is thank "God" for another day.

I'm just looking for someone to connect with. If you're interested you can find me at the address above. Or www.

I've got a lot of thangs to say.

Charles Christopher  Logsdon # 70667
P O Box 1568
Hutchinson, KS 67504  USA
Women, Friends
African American Caucasian
I Believe in God
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 08-25-16
Ad Expiration:08-25-18