Millard Williams
Hello to all the lovely ladies.  My name is Millard Williams and I'm looking for a very special woman to get to know.  I'm looking for a woman who is laid-back, down to Earth, Goal-Oriented, ambitious, serious about a real relationship.  She must be grown, confident, and most importantly secure with herself mentally and physically.

I'm African American, 6 ft. tall, 210 lbs., medium dark complexion and handsome.  I'm also down to earth, honest, patient, laid-back, hard working and very ambitious.

I'm currently incarcerated for a drug conspiracy which I am innocent of.  I was found guilty after a 7 day trial and I'm currently waiting to appeal my conviction.  I have not been sentenced yet and I am not scheduled to be sentenced until early 2022.  I'm originally from Chicago and I've been in MCC Chicago for almost 5 years now.

I led a very productive life when I was out and I plan on getting back on track once I'm released.  I'm very mature and intelligent plus I know what I want out of life and I'm willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I obtain it.  I'm a very firm believer that anything in life worth having requires hard work, determination, persistence, courage, and optimism, and since those are all qualities that I possess, I know that nothing is outside of my grasp.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with writing to me to inquire more. What do you possibly have to lose by taking the initiative and contacting me?  Who knows, maybe you will gain a chance at meeting a good friend or maybe you will meet the man that you have been searching for.  This is not a rehearsed script. I'm 100% real, trustworthy and authentic.

I decided to place this Ad because since I've been incarcerated I've lost a lot of family and friends to death and I reality don't have anyone that I feel connected to any more.  I'm hoping to meet someone special to build a bond with that will grow and progress over time.  I'm not perfect because I have flaws just like everybody else, but I know that my best characteristics make me an asset  instead of a liability.  I have a lot of life, love and loyalty inside of me which complements the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that I also possess.  I am single and I am a born leader so trust me when I say you won't be disappointed if you respond to this Ad and once you contact me I promise I will respond ASAP so don't cheat yourself, treat yourself to a friendship and possibly love like you've never experienced it before.  And by the way, even if you're not interested, I still hope you find exactly what you are looking for and I wish you nothing but love and happiness, take care.


Millard Williams # 70664-019
M C C - Chicago
71 West Van Buren Street
Chicago   IL   60605   USA

Ad Start: 11-18-21
Ad Expiration: 11-18-22
African American
Drug Conspiracy, Drug Possession
Release Date
Not Sentenced Yet