Christopher Copeland
Stop !!!

Ok now that I have your attention let me say I promise to put a smile on your face as well as a warm laugh with in our correspondence.

I find humor in most everything. I refuse to become that grumpy old man who yells at kids for being on his grass.

I love history and I have been known to possess useless knowledge (smile). I'm off the wall with how I look at life, searching for a smile in everything.

Keeping active helps me from losing my mind while I'm enclosed within these walls.

I enjoy drawing for people I care about because I know a smile will be found from it. I enjoy the fact that I can brighten a woman's day by being the playful idiot I tend to be. I do take life serious but not with a scowl.

My interest are broad and endless. I want to possess knowledge in any form. Life has yet to show me everything that's in my path. Having the ability in allowing laughter to infect my heart leaves my eyes wide open to find those exclusive smiles hidden deep within our days.

Now that you've gotten to this point I hope my words have sparked your interest in building a friendship through future correspondence.


Christopher Copeland  # 7062068
Fresco County Jail
P O Box 872
Fresno, CA 93712 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Release Date
Still Fighting Case
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Ad Expiration:08-10-18