Troy Martin
Hi, my name is Troy but everyone calls me  Biggz.

I'm doing 2 years for a weapon. I took from my lil brother thinking I was doing the right thing. So here I am.

A lil about me. I'm from Akron, OH. I'm 5'11" about 214, short black hair, brown eyes, I got a few tattoos. I don't smoke tobacco or drink. I like to stay healthy. I love to work out and I love the outdoors. I also love to cook and give massages, write poems and draw. I also love to travel and sightsee.

One of my goals is to stay in school. I was just in school for computer technology. I'm making it my goal to get myself back in when I get home. I also like to do a lot of hands on things. I love to meet new people that can keep me with a positive mind and don't mind pushing me to become great at what I want to achieve and become successful at in life. I love to get knowledge from all over and from new people in life to use it as a key to succeed in life.

I'm looking for someone that is positive in life and that feels that she can help me reach all my goals in life but not only help me but also herself to become a better woman or as I like to say a Queen in life to become successful in life than we can also learn with each other and build and teach each other things in life cause it's more to life to study about than what we think we know. So I'm just trying to find someone that I can build with just while I'm locked up but also when I come home. I'm a smart young man I also got a good sense of humor.Please write and let's meet and talk about more from me to you.

You may contact me thru
Troy Martin # 701683
Mansfield Correctional Institution
P O Box 788 
Mansfield, OH 44901 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Weapon Under Disability
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-08-18
Ad Expiration:02-08-19