Brian Holland
Brian Holland # 70151-018
FCI 2 Butner
P O Box 1500
Butner   NC   27509   USA
My name is Brian Holland (Inmate # 70151-018) I am an innocent man doing time at F.C.I. Butner, NC.  I spend my time playing guitar, playing basketball, working in the leather shop and reading a lot.  I spend a lot of time with like 1000 guys, so I would really enjoy some female interaction.  I will draw pictures and write you poems.  Maybe even make you a purse.

I am 5’ 11”, 185 pounds, blue eyed, white guy.  I have diverse musical taste and can usually get along with anyone. I am from Jacksonville, FL and as a free man, I enjoyed surfing, skating, and being a goofy pot head.  When I get out, I want to pursue a career in flipping houses, because I am still fighting my case in the appeal courts, I am reluctant to discuss details, but here are the basics: I.R. alleges that on February 27, 2018 she was digitally penetrated in her genital opening by Brian Holland, while on a Carnival Cruise Ship, in a crowded hot tub, in the daylight while celebrating her 18th birthday. I.R. is believed to have a mental handicap (that is not visually apparent, not obvious when first meeting her) and is able to do 4th grade school work.  Her grandmother J.C. filed a lawsuit in I.R.’s name against Carnival Cruise Lines before trial. A grand jury indicted Mr. Holland on one count of aggravated sexual abuse by force in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2241 (a)(1). Mr. Holland pled not guilty.  At trial, eyewitness testimony did not corroborate I.R.’s allegations. I.R. gave inconsistent testimony. An expert witness shot down the government’s allegations as impossible.  The jury found Brian Holland guilty… I was sentenced to 120 months for allegedly fingering a chick even though the eyewitness said I did not do it.

Please write me.

Ad Start: 11-18-21
Ad Expiration:  11-18-22
18 USC 2241 (a) (i)
Release Date