Dane Bosley # 69514
Mountainview Correctional Facility
1182 Dover Road
Charleston   ME   04422   USA
Dane Bosley
Hello, I am a Neo-Viking, a primal gentleman and have journeyed far from beastial man to this enlightened state. I find that life is a journey, although my life has been painful and lonely, I would not change a thing. Perhaps I would not be the man that I am today. I have gone through a rather profound shift recently. As I sat there alone in my cell, delving into the stygian depth of my heart. I found what was really behind all my wild, criminal, So depended upon outside influences like so many others. I was simply another cog in the machine. I stared now, back unbowed and had held high, ready to grab ahold of life. I am the ruler of myself, the protector for my loved ones that I should have been years ago instead of the fighter, the soldier. Now that I stand with sincere respect and love in my heart I am ready to find people to share my life with. More so I am looking for a partner to share in life's great experiences and continue to grow with. A partner to cherish and love. But, if all I do is make a few friends along the way I will be happy with that.

I am a rather electric man, there is not much I don't enjoy, from pen and paper gaming with friends, hanging in and watching a good movie or playing a game in martial arts, yoga, hiking and biking. Well really anything outside, I love to swim even in the cold, and hiking through the mountains is amazing. I was a bit of an adrenaline jerky, everything from swimming with sharks,to going to space sounds fun. I hope to homestead, have a nice plot of land and live off the land though with some creature comforts of course.

Music really moves my soul, from metal/Hard Rock to some epic Violin/Cello music. What they say about music soothing the Savage Beast is too true.

I enjoy a little Frank Sinatra and Tom Petty to a little bit of Country.

I enjoy horror, Sci-Fi and fantasy movies, particularly the older stuff, Ripley has no equal as far as story lead females go!

I love to talk about metaphysics and I am fascinated by Quantum. I could spend hours discussing life, theology (not monotheism) and just mentally divulge into the secret of life.

I am currently filling my day to make myself as great as I can by the time my release comes. I practice yoga, animal flow and martial arts every day. I work as a Culinary Arts student during the day and am currently going to college for my Associates Degree in Computer Science, perhaps I will go for my Bachelor's when I get out, I am not too sure. I just want a good remote job so I can be with my family as much as possible.

I suppose it's rather hard to get the gist of someone in a few hundred words. But, if you think you're interested in writing me, go right ahead. I welcome all discourse. Though, where I am is very particular so please only use blue or black ink on  8 x 11 1/2 lined paper, they're pretty strict…

Sexual Assault, Bank Robbery, Assaulting an Officer
Ad Start: 09-21-2023
Ad Expiration: 09-21-2024