Anthony Robinson
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FCI - Jesup
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Jesup, GA 31599 USA
Hello ladies,

I pray that you all are in the best of spirits and health during these dark moments of uncertainity that the Convid-19 has blanketed our lives with...

My name is Anthony. I'm a creative writer looking to meet and correspond with a wonderful individual who is nice, intelligent, sweet, charming, understanding and loyal. the most important thing that I want to express to you is that "Race" is unimportant to me. One can only find true happiness and compatibility beneath the surface.

I am a Libra, and believe in harmony, chemistry, balance, and reciprocity. I also believe in true friendships and commitments. Contrary to popular beliefs, there exists a soul mate/partner for each of us. And each day, we are presented with "signs" to guide us on the path in search of this individual. But we are often blind sided by life's supericialties, We tend to seek and desire "Style" over :Substance". We become more concerned with the type of glass we drink from rather than the quality of it's contents.

So, I present you with a challenge, break away for conventional thinking and try something new and exciting. Look past race, creed, class, age, weight, etc. And get to know me from the inside -out.

Thank you for your time Look forward to hearinng from you.

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