Demetrius Hill
I'm 39 years young, and born and raised in New York city.

If u like what u see, and would like an adventure,,,get at me,,, Im intrested in building friendships, (although I'm not adverse to friends w-benifits;)) but I'd enjoy corresponding with socially conscious women, someone with an opinion about todays political climate, the country, and social justice issues,,, as not having any opinion/position is a position I'm not intrested in...Even on an international level there's so much going on today around the world I'd enjoy a great conversation,and sharing of ideas.

Ive been incarcerated coming up on 17-years and have three years left,so I'm focused on my immediate future,and having a significant impact in this world. As I am a revolutionary, I like people who think outside the box and aren't constrained by social norms or the status quo, and can take a moment to see me as a human being and not as a prisoner first, or a criminal first,,,but a human being. So many labels restrict our interactions/and serve no purpose other than to limit us, divide us, I'd like to cross bridges, and meet in the middle with good people that can care about more than themselves and have ambition and goals they want to accomplish, no matter what stagnant people may think. I like  woman that are sassy, confident, adventurist, and comfortable in a pair of heals...

I read alot on different topics so Ive read fifty shades,,,and the whole series...And I'm a definite fan of "The Walking Dead".So I guess u could say I enjoy variety, as I also read alot of historical fiction,and revolutionary history, from che,fidel,too marx, lenin, mao,and Huey P.Newton.

True Friendship building thats my focus,the quickest way for us to correspond is to send me your email address and we can talk direct via email, because I'm incarcerated u can see me,but not vice versa,so I'd appreciate a brief discription,and u can send me a letter and picture at the address provided.
Demetrius Hill # 68133053
USP - Terre Haute
P O Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808 USA
Women, Friends
Possession of a Firearm & Robbery of Narcotics Traffickers
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