Jaron Catney
Hi, my name is Jaron Catney and I'm 35 years old from Cleveland, Ohio.

I'm looking to build friendships but I'm not opposed to something more intimate. I'd prefer to correspond with someone who's willing to practice equality while cultivating a relationship. I'm very transparent by nature and would expect the same in anyone I invest my time, heart, and mind in. I'm constantly striving to excellent in character so I'd really like to correspond with someone who's not only open-minded and courageous but also empathic and nurturing, as to reflect my own effort.

I'm very tall, standing 6 foot 6 inches, 217 pounds. I enjoy basketball and a consistent cardio regiment for exercise, and I'm a avid reader. I'm a God fearing man that's serious about sprituality, as it is a part of what composes my character. I would like to meet someone I could trust enough to share my story, attitudes and beliefs with, in order to grow in humility. I have six siblings, of which I'm the oldest, five brothers and one sister. I'm a proud father of a teenage honor student. My daughter is a huge motivation for my constant push for self improvement.

I'm currently serving 11 years for charges that I was wrongfully convicted of and I'm exploring my appeal options, hoping to get home sooner rather than later. I have just about two and a half in.

I'd like to engage and ultimately learn a mind & heart that reflects beauty. Beauty should be measured by kindness and ones willingness to submit to a higher power. This is what I strive to be , "Beautiful", and anyone who feels the same way is welcome to write me at their leisure.
Jaron Catney 681209
P.o. box 788
Mansfield, Ohio,44901.
You can also reach me at "Jpay.com", it's an app to email me directly.
Jaron Catney # 681209
P O Box 788
Mansfield, OH 44901 USA

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