Durrenzo Nelson
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Bill Clements
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Amarillo, TX 79107 USA

As the world turns I hope and pray that today you have a beautiful day.

Whomever comes across this message. Hi, my name is Durrenzo Nelson. I am looking to share a meeting of minds with someone that is interesting and special, isn't that you?

I am 6'2", 175 pounds of lean well toned muscle mass. My roots is of Texas and Los Angeles. Some of my hobbies are: writing books, recording music (making beats, etc.), Drag racing (I love American classic muscle cars), cooking, working out, staying in shape and not just my past life in the street life (playing the field).

I am truly a cool-calm collective no nonsense type of man about business. Not to say that I don't have a great sense of humor. I do (never a dull moment). Life is short… Honestly. I am a beautiful black man interested in a woman friend who wants better, change in her life… Not afraid to take a chance? "Know we can". We never know where God's blessings may be displayed.

Take care always
Durrenzo sincerely

P.S. any questions please ask. My aim here is not to waste your time or mines. Respectfully… We can receive Jpay's just remember to send your location. So we can keep smooth sailing together (in touch).

Women, Friends
African American
Spiritual I Believe in God
Possession of Firearm (Gun)
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