Devin Pemberton
I'm Devin, and thank you for viewing my profile.

First, and foremost, I am a God-fearing, born again Jesus Christ-filled believer. Whether you decide to write me or not, I must go about my father business and bear fruit: Repent and accept Jesus Christ. Everyone.

I am seeking friends, praying partners, and all people who are willing to correspond with me.

I am originally from St. Croix, USV.I. but I live in Tampa, Florida. I am 6'2" tall, attractive, athletically built, dark brown, 260 pounds, I have long, dreadlocks that come to my waist. I possess smooth skin, sexy eyes and soft lips.

I enjoy playing basketball, watching movies, working out, talking on the phone, writing, and meeting new people. Age, race, or geographic location is not of importance.

I am certified paralegal from corresponding classes and an ordained minister. I am currently writing a poetry collection, and fictional novels. Knowledge is power, and I love to learn.

Overall, I am a good guy,, funny, observant, and a very good listener.

If you are reading this profile, I hope and pray that you find it in your heart to write me. I will immediately write back.

God bless you.
Devin Pemberton # 67123-018
P O Box 1032
Coleman, FL 33521 USA
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