John Williams-El
I’m seeking like-minded female friends in the alternative lifestyle, generally labeled BDSM. And am open to inter-racial friendship. In the broad world of BDSM, I specialize in Dom-sub relationship dynamic, because as a sovereign man, I thrive and crave power and have spent most of my life chasing it. As such, for me, the greatest aphrodisiac is a woman’s consensual submission. Since her free will is her greatest power, surrendering that power in varying degrees, attracts me more than any other relationship dynamic. The great mystics teach the art of submission as eradicating the ego. But true submission is not robotic mindlessness; or eliminating the personality. Rather, it is the deliberate, consensual and willful indulgence of the personality in subjection to a sovereign. Her ego makes her submissive by her own pleasure.

I enjoy watching movies, eating and pursuing business opportunities. I have an economic interest in raw land and green investing; avenues I wish to pursue in-depth. At this time, my greatest possession is my personal library, which I’ve been developing since childhood. I’m a Las Vegas native with no kids; like R&B and rap music; yet ironically, the violin is my favorite instrument.

Regarding my situation, I have a vigilante murder. As a juvenile, I retaliated against someone who had sexually assaulted a female friend. I'm eligible for parole this year. So, I look forward to hearing from you.

John Williams-El # 66835
Southern Desert Correctional Center
P O Box 208
Indian Springs   NV   89070   USA

Ad Start: 09-02-21
Ad Expiration: 09-02-22
African American, Hispanic
2nd Degree Murder
Release Date