Marco Alferez # 66514-280
U S P Tucson
P O Box 24550
Tucson   AZ   85734   USA
Marco Alferez
S.H.M., 5’6, 150#.  I am a former professional; educated; and fluent in English and Spanish. I an open-minded, fun-loving, social and kind with a clever wit.  I currently tutor inmates helping them obtain their GED.  I also run fitness classes to help others lead healthier lifestyles.  I have a passion for the Arts and all forms of beauty.  I enjoy both the simplicity and complexity of life.  I am not satisfied with simply existing, No-I strive to live.  I’m young in spirit yet mature in heart and mind.  I enjoy a good laugh and dig horror novels.  My hobbies include dancing, cooking, movies, music, drawing, working-out, Anthropological studies, helping others help themselves, and all things Disney.

I am looking for an open-minded, down-to-earth, nonjudgmental, kind and loving woman to befriend.  My desire is to establish a friendship worth cultivating.  I believe our commonalities would ignite an initial friendship but out differences will promote longevity.  Honestly speaking, prison is hard and I could really use a friend.  All are welcome, to include those of different cultures and customs, My Focus, of course, will be to learn all about you.

Here’s the challenge:  Are you resolute enough to see past the stigma laid upon me, willing go see me as a person, not just a number, and able to grant me the opportunity to show you the best of my qualities?  If you are and I have managed to pique your interest, let that intrigue be the catalyst to many letters to come.  It may seem antiquated, though there is a tinge of romanticism in the idea of letter writing.  Quaint yet still relevant.  Am I a hopeless romantic?  I’d like to know your thoughts, write me, a loyal friend will be waiting.

Catholic, Christian, Spiritual
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-27-21
Ad Expiration:  05-27-22