John Phillip McGrath
Hi, I'm John Phillip McGrath  # 664433

I'm from a small town here not far from here New Caney, TX..

I like a lot of stuff all music but 102 FM here not much for rap.

Some I like it that's what it is on light station, I just picked up the reading a book so I'm into all kinds. I'm by a writer of books that's two people. I'm screwed up, I'm not much of a speller since I've been here so forgive me. I plan to go back home when I get out. I should make it, I have mellowed out a lot.

I hope the holidays have been good for you, it's been good for me. Not much family left but what's left is good to have. I hope and wish to make and meet someone that wants a life and is able to put up with the life I have here and thank ya'll for this and help for those that ya;ll have helped with life we all need a life in this somehow forgotten there is a life and we are more than a number and ress in white clothes. I wish to meet people like myself even if life is down just smile at what it is there's others that don't have it like you do. It could be worse, so smile at all things around you. It will get better for you.

I don't want to play BS games I can get that here or ask for it here. So please if you're not for real about this then please do not write. Thank you very much stay safe and may God bless all of us and those around you.

Please write, I will write back. Like you do but please know how things are here if we are on lockdown and it's hard. Just wait I'll be there I'm a widower. I have two boys and one daughter I lost one while here. Well later wish to hear from ya'll.
John Phillip McGraft # 664433
Estelle High-Security
264 FM 3478 
Huntsville, TX 7732 USA
Robbery Killed Man
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In 9 Years
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