Cory Perry
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USP-Big Sandy
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Inez, KY 41224 USA
Hello, My name is Cory Perry,

I am 51 years old and I am really laid back, I listen to Barry White , Elton John, Sade, James Taylor ect. I was raised on a horse farm in Fl.(APPALOOSA'S) with all the attending animals. I have been to every major City in the U.S.I lived in New Orleans and taught riding to school children. I have done a lot. I have learned that people deal with grief in different way's. I was hurt very badly a long time ago by the people I loved and trusted the most. I went off the trail in an attempt to destroy myself. I wrote the Anthrax letters, not to hurt anyone ( I DIDN'T HURT ANYONE) but in an attempt to get locked in a box away from life, so I refused to allow my attorney's to defend me. It has taken me 20 years to start to think about life and all it has to offer. I am alone! But the isolation is to much to bare any longer.

This is my attempt to find someone who can deal with the fact that I have been alone for so long, but I have a huge heart. (Broken though it may Be!) If you have a heart and would like to talk about life, I ask you to write me. Whomever writes, I will always's answer.

Always's Cory

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