Armando Cruz-Lorenzo
Hi! I'm Armando:)

My friends call me Mando and I'm the coolest person they know...just kidding about the second part.

I am a young normal guy tht has made mistakes in the past that landed me in prison. Now that I'm locked up I make the best of my time or most by living happy as I can by having good and funny moments with my friends and by mself by reading and eating a lot of junk food and watching tv.

I dread working out everyday but I do it because I eat alot. I love food and music but I love cooking for me and friends, I'm a full blooded Mexican just born here in the states. I speak Spanich too. I also like animals especially dogs but cats are okay too. (check out my profile picture). I love all different kinds of music, pop. oldies, coridos (Mexican music) I'm into reading to I like psychology and learning about my ancestors, and horror, sci-fi are my favorite but so is romance novels.

I hope to find a friend who shares some of these things in common with me. I'm a very outgoing, funny, good at conversation but best of all a good listener!

I'm a great friend to have, I am never afraid to keep it real with you or to be goofy to make people laugh.

After you read this write me a letter or email me (www.corrlinks,com) and I'll write back as soon as I get it. I hope to hear from you soon! (If you write an email send your address with it).

Armando Cruz Lorenzo # 6619667
Iowa State Penitentiary
P O Box 316   
Fort Madison, IA 52627 USA
Women, Friends, Donations
Hispanic Mexican
Burglary Criminal Gang Participation Carrying Weapons
Release Date
Earliest 2021 Latest 2024
Ad Start: 12-03-20
Ad Expiration:12-03-22