Joshua Lopp
My name is Josh.

Being from Detroit means I grew up in a tough environment. I credit my upbringing with making me strong. My life lessons made me smart too. If we cool I'll tell you all about them.

I have a small family though I'm a big part of it. I'm the youngest of three brothers. I be having everybody laughing.

I'm looking for down to earth women. I want to build strong bonds and lay the foundation for the greatness I aspire to. We can build each other up. Always looking for ways to better myself; I'm in college working on an associate's degree. As you can see I stay working out. I'm super health conscious so I'm a vegetarian. And I love learning. I'm a gangsta but a bookworm.

Once I'm home, I got alot of ambition, it's so much I want to do. I plan on being a personal trainer/life coach and owning a few businesses. I always say "I want to be the least smartest person in my circle". And I think I'm very intelligent so what I mean is I want people in my life who are driven. I'm a live wire but a dead wire without a connection.

The quickest way to write me is through the app jpay. Tell me about yourself like; what you like to do? What's some of your goals? Hope to hear from you soon.
Joshua Lopp # 654488
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street 
Coldwater, MI 49036 USA

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