Derrick Glass
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Varner Super Max
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Grady, AR 71644-060  USA
Hello, my name is Derrick.

I have been in prison for more than 10 years. This has only helped me understand and appreciate the values of honesty and loyalty. These two things are very big aspects in my life.

I am a kind person. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and music. Not too crazy about movies anymore. I have a temper at times, but am learning to control it.

Frankly, I am looking for some romance in my life. But everything starts with friendship. I am not perfect and don't expect anybody else to be. I am looking for someone with a beautiful heart.

For physical aspects, I am 5'7", 160 something pounds. Hazel brown-green eyes, and have tattoos and scars everywhere. I'm a Caucasian male.

I am not a judgmental person. I have friends in the rainbow community and will converse with trans and gays, to become friends. I just like to write and get to know people. I am looking for a good woman in my life though. I hope to hear from you.

Women, Men, Friends
Assault 2nd° Theft Forgery Battery
Release Date
Around 09/2021
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