Drew Robinson
Drew Robinson  # 653124    
Grimes Unit
300 Corrections Drive     

Newport   AR   72112   USA
To whom this may interest or intrigue.

My name is Drew Robinson and as my words scan across the surface of your eyes and register in your mind. I ask that you allow its content to penetrate your heart in order to nourish your soul with comfort, strength and understanding. Understanding that I am a man incarcerated and very much human.

Overall, I'm a man and I would love to correspond and share my views and opinions on life with whomsoever desires to fully understand the mindset of a man who's been incarcerated. I just ask that you don't pass judgment upon me because of my decisions in life until you've actually had the opportunity to know who I am for yourself.

I'm merely seeking a feminine companion. I can communicate with you, get to know and build an unbreakable relationship and learn something from a real. woman. I don't play with people's hearts and please don't play with mine.

Appearance of self:
6'5", 235 pounds of total masculinity, 35 years old, African-American with a lot of tattoos, brown eyes, black hair with waves and not to brag I'm handsome.
Zodiac sign: Cancer
One child with no drama.

African American
Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-27-22
Ad Expiration: 01-27-23