Mandirous Kamisizian
Mandirous Kamisizian # 652920
James Crabtree Correctional Center
216 North Murray Street
Helena   OK   73741   USA
Hello, how are you? I normally don’t this but I decided it’s time to find a connection with someone. So I posted this AD. My name is Mandirous Kamisizian, but everyone calls me Navarr. I’m a mixed 30 yr old, brown complected man. I’m 5’7”, 195 pounds with dark brown eyes and black dreads. I have an outgoing personality and a smile to match. I like to read books, watch movies, TV shows, anime. I’ve recently gotten into RPG games and turns out that it’s pretty fun.

I’m currently incarcerated, but I didn’t let my misfortune stop me from being a better person and even though I’m here, I have expanded my vocabulary. I have a college degree in Business Management and improve on my mental thinking and cognitive behavior, to prioritize my goals. So now I feel like it’s time to add something else to my book of life (lol). To be specific, the type of woman that I’m looking for, or I should say, the ideal woman would like the things that I like, or at least will tolerate the things that I like.

So to sum it all up, I am a big nerd that also writes poems. So, I hope by reading this that it may catch your eye and maybe peak an interest. If so, than I hope to hear from you.

Ad Start: 10-21-21
Ad Expiration:  10-21-22
2nd Degree Murder
Release Date