Randy Murphy
Randy Murphy # 652758
Grimes Unit
300 Corrections Drive
Newport   AR   72112   USA
My name is Randy from Arkansas and I have a story to tell.  I turn 37 this year, but when I shave I look 27.  So I’m told.  A little about my background, I was born in Arkansas, but raised in California then came back.  I have always been athletic and I love challenges.  I’ve been incarcerated since April 2016 and have overcome my past vices with a lot of work.  I enjoy all types of sports.  My education has been spotty until 3 years ago and now I’m in my third semester of college.  I have worked many jobs but the most fun job ever was being an Assistant Manager at Sonic Drive In.  What job have you had that you enjoyed?  The most interesting job was being a stay at home Dad.  Yea, I did that for a couple of years with my son and it got frustrating sometimes, but it was life changing.  There is still so much I would like to do in life.  I enjoy hearing what others want to do so it may spark an interest in me.

Write me and tell me what you have done or would like to experience in life.

So now a little about my criminal history.  This is never good because people are quick to judge before getting to know me.  But you’ll see I’m an alright dude.  I have a couple drug charges in my past and I looked at underage girls on the internet back in 2016 and was charged and sentenced to 15 years ADC.  I do go up in October for parole and stimulus checks will help when I’m released so that’s cool.

I hope you will send me a message ask me anything I’m honest as possible.

Women, Men,
Possession of Drugs, FTR, Viewing Pornography
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-27-21
Ad Expiration:  05-27-22