Ricky Wassenaar
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Florence, AZ 85132-3400 USA
Hello free world people!

Read this ad, dangit--- I need new friends! I'm surrounded by an assortment of  "gangsters ", hoodlums, sociopaths, and anti-semitic Neo-Nazis and skinheads. Believe it or not, I used to be one of their leaders, but now I'm fully retired and am done with that nonsense.

Despite the fact that I never killed or even seriously injured anyone, they sentence me to 400 years for embarrassing state officials: I took over a prison gun tower and held guards hostage for 15 days. It remains the longest prison hostage standoff in US history. I used to be infamous for that event, but now I'm a soon to be published author, and pass the time away with pen in hand. I've written a novel and several short stories, and have a second novel and several short stories in the the works.

I have not given up hope and I will be free again some day!

Like most people, I want to be rich and famous, and I believe my writings will get me there. If you want to come along with me on that ride, hurry up and shoot me a letter. I will answer all. I'm waiting…
Women, Men, Friends
Caucasian, Jewish
Holding Guards Hostage Kidnapping
Release Date
W8ing 4 a Miracle/Serving a Life Sentence
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