Cameron Henley
First, I cannot reply by Facebook or Twitter or any way other than SNAIL MAIL; it's time to revive that great custom of letter writing. 

To be quite honest, I'm not sure what to expect from all this. My expectations are low. What I mean is that it would be an amazing story if I found the love of my life, but I'm realistically just looking for somebody to laugh with (I have some great stories). I guess what I'm looking for is a friend, but I'm open to wherever this leads. If you're ready to take the journey of a lifetime, I'm waiting for you. 

The best way to get this started is to tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, let me give you more of a visual to go along with my picture: I'm 6' tall and weigh 185 pounds. I have brown hair and blue eyes, but I'm told that my eyes change color depending on my mood. Weird, right?! Okay, enough of the boring stuff...let's get to what makes me tick.

Here is a very random list of the things I like: football (Favorite college team -- The Razorbacks, OF COURSE! Favorite NFL team -- The Raiders), swimming, dogs, the nighttime sky, music (All kinds really, but more rock than anything), working out (It's more of a love-hate relationship!!), pizza, hats, fishing, camping, family, people watching, The Bachelor (Don't judge me!!), lazy Sundays...I could go on and on.

Some other things you should know about me: I'm currently in college studying for a degree in business. I believe in making the best out of every situation. One of my favorite sayings is "When it seems like everything is falling apart, it might actually be falling perfectly in place." Something else -- I have a great sense of humor and I love to have a good time. I look forward to hearing from you...fate has brought you this far, the rest is up to you. SO PICK UP THE PEN!!
Cameron Henley # 650189
Pine Bluff ADC
890 Free Line Drive 
Pine Bluff, AR 71603-1498 USA
Women, Friends
Parole Revocation
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-22-18
Ad Expiration:09-22-19