Norberto Campos

My name is Norberto Campos.I'm 35 years old, 6'1", 230  lbs. I'm Hispanic. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Perth Amboy, NJ. I'm also a Perth Amboy high school graduate of 2001.

I'm seeking new friends and if lucky a possible future wife (smile). I'm a people's person. I enjoy making people laugh and love a great time. I also enjoy helping people despite the fact that I have made some poor choices in life that have led me here today, serving a sentence of nine years with an 85% for a robbery. I feel remorse for those which whom I have hurt. I believe that my past doesn't define the person I am today. I am taking this time I'm serving as a learning experience. I have a passion for "Art" and spent a lot of time trying to master my gift and talent by practicing a lot.

My goal upon my release is to become a successful business owner, to inspire others and show them that I can't change my past, but can change my future. I make beautiful pieces of art on card stock and on cloth. I'm currently using color pencils and pen, sometimes just pen. I also enjoy other mediums such as oil paint, acrylic, watercolors tattooing and love taking pictures. I believe that art is my heart's domain.

Okay enough about myself tell me about you and join me in my journey if you like what you have read and are looking forward to gaining a new friend. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully always,
Norberto Campos

Norberto Campos # 648956C
Bayside State Prison
4293 Rt 47 P O Box F1 
Leesburg, NJ 08327 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Robbery Receiving Stolen Property
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-24-18
Ad Expiration:05-24-19