Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson # 64794
Idaho Department of Corrections
P O Box 14
Boise   ID   83707   USA
My name is Shawn Eric Wilson #64794. I’m blond hair, blue eyes, 5’ 8”, 160 pounds, and 42 years old on 5-28-1979. I’m in prison for a sex crime that didn’t happen on purpose. She was 16 yrs old . I got on a telephone dating site and she had asked me if she could stay at my house and I let her for 2 days and I found out that she was a run away and on probation for something. I was given 3 + 17 and when I went to my first parole they flopped me for 1 year and then they wanted me to complete my program. I completed 3 programs and then they gave me a tentative date, then they told me that they wanted me to do 1 more program but it had 2 parts to it. I then got tired of doing all the programming and I put in to go to Texas. I then went to Texas for 6 months and then came back. Then I put in a self a nish for another parole hearing and goy into that last program for about 2 weeks and I signed a refusal to the parole hearing and decided to top my time. On 8-12-21 I’ve been down 9 years and I’ve got 11 to go. My plan is to find a nice person I can have in my life and hopefully get out of Idaho as soon as my time is complete. I’ve not gotten in any trouble since I’ve been down. I’ve done a lot of kitchen work since I’ve been down. I do companion watch and I get $12.50 a month for that. I just got hired here at CI as a janitor in the wood shop starting at 50 cents an hour a month and I just got my $1400 stimulus check. I’m not the kinda person to ask for money unless they want to send it. I’m looking to have a girlfriend I can be in contact with until I get out in 8-12-2033 and leave Idaho with. When I find that person I’ll send a pic. I’m very easy to get along with. I’m sending all this information so you have it.

Access to set up email account to email back and forth if you don’t want to write by hand. Or you can call (write for my number) at any time to get set up. If you ever want to send me money send it to: Secure deposits - Idaho DOC   POBox 12486 St. Louis, Mo 63132 and they will put it into my account here in Idaho. I’ll send pics at later time. Thank you.

Sexual Battery on a Minor
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-08-21
Ad Expiration:  07-08-22