Laquan Harris
Laquan Harris # 642782D
East Jersey State Prison
Lock Bag R
Rahway   NJ   07065   USA
Hey Ma Look’n for Me?

Well I post’d up here with hopes you'd find ME brings tho YOU single and all . . .

Have my HOPES been found ? . .

I HOPE so because I want to get to know you. But do you want to get to know me? I'm something else. Honey let me tell you!

Anyway I'm Quan, hello in advance.
I'm from Elizabeth - born and raised.
I'm 31-I'll be 32 on April 24th. (est 1991)
I am the eldest of the three boys my father sired. My mother had my brother and my sister.  I never met them. But that's a mother's story . . .

So yeah:
I’m brown-skinned-lykable, plus handsome.
I'm about 175 lbs.
I've been lock’d up since I was eighteen.
I did manage to earn my high school diploma.
I love to learn, some say I'm inquisitive.
I love to read, I love to write, and I communicate very well.

I value thought provoking conversation, I'm a very attentive listener!
I want to get ahead.
I’m look’n for a woman.
Have my hopes been found? . . .
Hope so.
                                             Yours Truly
                                                         - Loquan
P.S. By the time you get here I hope to be repost’d somewhere, hope to hear from you.
(you can reach me @ the listed address or

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