Clifford Jackson
Greetings to all of my new perspective friends and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my profile!

The reason I am a member of this website is to meet new people and see what the future may hold while establishing new friendships.

Wow! I thought I'd never get your attention. Nevertheless time plus pleasure gives me this golden opportunity to greet you in the most respectful manner.

I am 42 years young with a positive sense of direction. The unique thing about my character is my ability to perform at a high rate that allows me to display a genuine realistic friendship. The true essence of my being is that I'm attentive, caring, appreciative, loving, kind and God-fearing. I enjoy working out, sports, reading, walks and talks, holding hands and learning new things.

I'm looking forward to a companionship that's equipped with honesty, trust and somewhat a challenge. I've discovered that in order for me to grow I must be open-minded which complements how I pursue my endeavors.

Being incarcerated has evolved and tries to keep up with society. So with that being said if affords us many ways to be contacted by potential friends. We have an email called Friends can add their selves 2 my jpay account by going login put my name and number and we will be able 2 communicate much faster& efficiently, it offers a video grams , 3° based chat, video business, sending mail, sending pictures! Just 2 name a few ways to communicate plus it's rather quicker than writing letters, it's less time-consuming… Messages are instant within 30 minutes.

So please feel free 2 feed your curiosity and broaden your horizons. This is one of venture you wouldn't want 2 pass up. Finally I love 2 read, knowledge is power, so I try 2 read mainly informational books specifically law books to help me obtain my day in court to gain my freedom.

I've been wrongfully convicted of crimes I had absolutely no involvement in what so ever, and I'm currently appealing my conviction in the federal district. Northern District of Ohio. Case No. lil 6 CV: 2072. I'm currently waiting on the magistrate to give his recommendation and report. I'm a victim of miscarriage of justice. And denied justice in violation of several constitutional violations and misapplication of the law. I have maintained my innocence throughout this case from the inception!

Feel free 2 ask any questions. Just be yourself and feel free 2 ask anything. Once again you may also email me by creating an account with

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!
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Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
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Lucasville, OH 45699 USA
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German, Irish, Black
Moorish Science Temple of America
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Serving a Life Sentence
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