Earl Flavors

Thank you for taking some time out of your day and looking at my ad. I truly appreciate it.

My Name Is Earl Flavors and I am from the great Northwest, Seattle, WA. I love to barbeque, read, workout, travel, play sports and do fun and exciting things.

When I come home I'm going to start a rideshare transportation service for the elderly people, veterans and the handicap, that will pick them up and take them to their medical appointments and other destinations. I'm also going to be a counselor for the youth and coach Little League football.

Since I've been in prison I have written a very unique book called (Seven languages for a healthy relationship). It's a men's self-help book on languages us men must learn and use it if we want our loved ones to always feel secure and happy in our relationship. A couple of the languages are respect her and cherish her.

I have been very busy in here with getting my life in order because coming back to prison is not an option. I would like to meet someone who is cool, down to earth and not judgmental and understands mistakes do happen. All I ask is that when you write me get ready to smile. Let's get to know each other and build something special. Friendships can last a lifetime and good things does come to those who wait.

I'm patiently waiting to hear from you so write me soon.

Yours truly,
Earl Flavors

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Pollock, LA 71467 USA
African American
Transporting across State Lines
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