Jonathan Worley
Jonathan Worley # 000635685D
Southwoods State Prison
215 S Burlington Road
Bridgeton   NJ   08302   USA
My name is Jonathan. I’m a 32 year old Sagittarius, who enjoys reading and writing.  I am really into Stephen King novels, but not into hood books.  I work out five days a week and really just got into running.  I’m no skinny dude, nor am I fat, just solid.  I am 5’9”, dark chocolate, brown eyes, corn rows, and a great smile.  I’m an honest, open book, who’s a very good listener and can give good advice.  I don’t believe a females physical should hinder conversation, seeing as conversation has no face, size or race.  I only ask that you are your true self.  I wouldn’t mind to communicate with someone overseas. Please, no catfish, I don’t like to waste words.

I’m seeking friendship with a female with a positive, genuine and considerate open mind and if it’s not too much to ask, a joyful heart with space and time for others. Someone with the strength of an independent thinker, the stamina to endure a little struggle and values a real friendship.  Basically, I’m looking for my best friend.  Reserve of no judgment is important.  You can miss out on a good book if you judge it on the cover alone. Conversation is the only currency I seek, because being selfless is one of the main factors to a solid foundation for communication. You can email me by downloading the “JPay” app (free), the response is almost instant in receipts.  JPay also allows 30 second videos which is great for an introduction. I look forward to meeting a new friend.

Ad Start: 10-14-21
Ad Expiration:  10-14-22
African American
Sexual Assault
Release Date