Motraya Atkinson
Montraya Atkinson # 63555-056
USP Allenwood
P O Box 3000
White Deer   PA   17887   USA
Greetings to all my viewers, hopefully you are in the best state of health while reading this introduction.  Keep your mind clear and receptive of the things I present to you.

My name is Montraya  Atkinson, I’m an African American man with a great sense of humor. I grew up in a different environment which made me become understanding of other people, generous of their feelings and helpful to their needs.  I enjoy reading, playing sports, most of all I enjoy uplifting and helping people.  I’m new to this pen pal thing so let me be clear as to what my intentions are.  They’re simple, to make a connection and keep it.  Although I have a great relationship with my family, a man’s completeness comes within the strong bond he builds with that special woman.

I’m simply looking for a female I can build with.  If you’re feeling I’ll make you strong, if you feel you’re strong, I’ll make you stronger.  I have no limit to where our bond and friendship can go.  I’m an open book, especially one that’s a must read, so don’t judge me by my cover, turn the page to see what I’m about, so make your next choice, your best choice.

Let’s build and keep it.  Patiently waiting.

African American
Rico Conspiracy Selling Drugs
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Ad Start: 03-04-21
Ad Expiration:  03-04-22